As one of the new local athletes in Waco, Texas, I found myself spending more and more time with other local athletes, both novice and professionals.  I started training at my gym thinking that I would be healthier, I would eat better and my overall wellness would improve. It did, somewhat.  My physique improved and I was happier. However, I've learned over the years the diets athletes consume tend to be very restricting; minimizing the necessary nutrient intake needed to fuel the body. Many of the athletes I met were suffering from inflammation, pain, fatigue, and more.  I also found myself suffering from these ailments despite my improved physique.  I started researching diet and nutrient intakes of the average American and found that 75% of us do not get the vital nutrients needed on a daily basis to fight acute and chronic illnesses, inflammation, fatigue, etc.  We are not getting the nutrients needed to build and repair our muscles, or fight acute and chronic illnesses. 

Most of America's population do not intake their recommended nutrient needs due to poor eating habits.  This increases our risk for weight gain and chronic disease. 

How do we combat that on a budget?  In Waco, the median income is approximately $35,000 a year. It costs more to eat healthy.  If we cannot afford to eat foods that are nutrient dense, how do we get vitamins and minerals needed to counteract these ailments? Many people turn to oral supplementation. However, the human body does not absorb oral nutrients as readily as we would expect.  With oral supplementation a fraction of the recommended dose needed is absorbed and the rest is eliminated through our waste products. 

Image by Dan Gold