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The average person needs 1 liter of water per 50 pounds of body weight to function properly. The typical adult drinks only 4 cups per day.  Hydration provides energy, better metabolism, better skin health, and better cognition.

Lactated Ringers offers electrolytes that normal saline infusions do not. It also helps our acidic pH normalize. 

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help kickstart your metabolism and feel more energized, this IV includes compounds believed to help burn fat, boost metabolism and provide the nutrients needed for optimal wellness.

Vita Complex: This mixture is packed with B-complex vitamins, which may help keep skin and blood cells healthy and convert nutrients into energy.

Amino Blend: This blend of essential amino acids can help enhance athletic performance, decrease muscle loss, burn fat more quickly and improve metabolism speed.



​Boost your hydration​, replenish vitamins in which you are deficient, boost your energy, boost your metabolism, and improve muscle building. For gym-goers and non-gym-goers alike.  Recuperate from everyday life. 

B-Complex Vitamins: B-complex vitamins may help keep skin and blood cells healthy as well as convert nutrients into energy.

Calcium Chloride: Calcium helps promote healthy bones and the normal functioning of muscles, nerves and cells in the body.

B12: B12 is designed to help treat low levels of Vitamin B12, as well as promote healthy brain function, blood, cells and nerves.

Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium chloride can help improve immunity, decrease risk of developing migraines, improve relaxation and more.

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​Improve hydration, replenish missing nutrients, boost your energy, boost your metabolism, improve muscle building, improve muscle and nerve function, improve bone health, promote weight loss, detox the body, boost immunity, decrease exercise fatigue, reduce inflammation.  For the individual burning the candle at both ends, whether from training for a competition or severe stress from work and/or life.  Maximize the benefits of IV hydration nutritional therapy.  



Designed to help your immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better faster after getting sick, this IV kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds that can help improve immunity and promote optimal wellness.

Possible Benefits

Protects against infection

Improves healing time

Builds up your immune system

Reduces duration of illnesses

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Designed to help bring out radiance and natural glow, this kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds believed to fortify hair, skin and nails, reduce wrinkles and quench skin from the inside out.

Possible Benefits

Fortifies hair, skin and nails

Reduces wrinkles

Quenches tired skin 



Myers' cocktail, which consists of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, has been found to be effective against acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome), fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disease, and other disorders.

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Vitamin B12 is needed to convert carbohydrates in the body.  This helps energy production and decreases fatigue and lethargy in the body. 

B12 helps in healthy regulation of the nervous system, reducing depression, stress and brain shrinkage.  

B12 helps maintain a healthy digestive system.  

B12 is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails.  It helps in cell reproduction and constant renewal of the skin.  


Prices Vary

Our bodies' quintessential antioxidant defense is the glutathione system, which includes glutathione itself, along with the enzymes and other proteins that enable glutathione to do its work.  Our body makes it from three amino acids - cysteine, glycine, and glutamine. It is a universal toxin-binder.  Glutathione is extremely important for maintaining intracellular health.  Levels of glutathione have been shown to diminish substantially with age as well as with chronic illness and poor health. 

Many experts call glutathione the mother of all antioxidants, since it supports the function of other antioxidants in the body. This helps fight oxidative damage and prevent signs of aging.

Maintaining adequate glutathione levels is not only critical for wellness but also aids in the recovery process.  

Glutathione - the Master Antioxidant

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Most oral multivitamins/supplements offer at BEST 20-50% bioavailability.  More often than not you are getting less than 30% absorption of your vitamins.  A Multivitamin infusion is required at the least, once a month and at the most once per week and offers 90-100% bioavailability of all your multivitamin nutritional needs.

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Direct-delivery IV therapy for migraines, headaches, hangovers, and other illnesses is a convenient and effective way to get relief from your symptoms fast.

Our Relief Infusion offers the B-vitamin Complex, Toradol, Zofran, and Magnesium.  




Combining folic acid, B12, L-taurine and alpha-lipoic acid, the Brainstorm IV kit may help improve overall brain function, increase memory recall and improve certain aspects of learning.


Improve overall brain function

Increase memory recall

Enhance certain aspects of learning

FOLIC ACID w/ B12:  May provide some protection against memory loss and help with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

TAURINE: Helps protect against environmental toxins, reduce brain inflammation and stimulates neuron formation.

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: This is a powerful antioxidant that helps your body produce more glutathione, which is important in reducing oxidative stress and fighting certain neurological diseases.

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Aid in Addiction Recovery

Reduce Pain

Improve Cognitive Function

Boost Energy

Improve Athletic Performance

Help with Weight Management

Reverse Signs of Aging

Delay or Prevent the Onset of Certain Diseases

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme present in almost all cells of the body. It is essential in metabolic function, slowing the aging process, promoting athletic function, boosting brain repair and function, NAD+ is also considered the gold standard in functional addiction medicine for alcohol and substance withdrawal symptoms.

Administering a high dose of NAD+ straight into the bloodstream, compared to other routes (i.e. oral) will provide a faster, more effective outcome and quickly optimizes the body’s NAD+ levels.

Although we naturally produce NAD+ it, like most things,  reduces with age. This molecule is mostly regarded for its effect on aging and is considered the closest we’ve gotten to a "fountain of youth". Intravenous use of NAD+ activates enzymes in the bloodstream called “sirtuins” which promote the “good” aspects of your genes which facilitates staying healthier longer and reducing the side effects of aging.

With intravenous NAD+ therapy, the molecule works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body and neurons in the brain. It serves as a catalyst in ultimate brain renovation, allowing us to mentally reach higher than ever before.  It can help overcome depression, anxiety and common mood disorders. 

**For Anti-aging goals the 250 mg 2 hour Infusion Protocol is recommended. $199
**For Neuroregenerative goals the 500 mg 4 hour Infusion Protocol is recommended. $399

**Higher doses are available at the request of the client on a case by case basis.  Medical direction will be consulted.**



Prices Vary

Purified Amniotic Fluid Allograft is a non-structural less than minimally manipulated liquid allograft that contains key nutrients to assist the body's natural ability to heal.

Vitamin IV therapy is paired with Restorative Biologic Therapy to enhance your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself. 

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Inflammation refers to your body's process of fighting against things that harm it, like infections, injuries, and toxins, in an attempt to heal itself. When something damages your cells, your body releases chemicals that trigger a response from your immune system.  

Also referred to as the "Jesus" shot by doctors in Oklahoma, we have developed our own version to combat inflammation.  



Our weight management protocol is a medical professional-supervised program designed to help any individual reach his or her specific weight loss goals. The Olympia weight management protocol uses a combination of Naltrexone, Sermorelin, Lipo-Trim SL, Lipo-Mino shot, and low calorie intake to achieve optimum weight loss results. The protocol may also boost metabolism and help patients lose large amounts of fat, all without feeling hungry.

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